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cheap coach outlet Marguerite this ultimate romantic watch will be hot love into a private daydream. In addition to set at 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00 when the Arabic numerals, dial with a second display. As long as the button at the 2 o'clock position is pressed, the digit disappears and the sentence 'Il m'aime passionn! Ment' (he loves me warmly) appears. You can customize this message with the configurator on your brand page. The wristwatch can display any message within 22 characters in the language you want. In order to develop this visual illusion game, Christophe Claret, inspired by the famous 'Wow!!' magic, adds a mechanism never used in watches to the watch. Transparent dial from the two overlapping discs: transparent mosaic box set with a transparent metal crystal blue cover turned cover over with text or digital time character, paint black mosaic on the fixed white mother of pearl Fritillaria. Release the button, the dial will immediately change back to the original time display. Marguerite with double display dial, that is, time or private dial display coach bags outlet

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coach outlet store Marguerite wristwatches in accordance with the wishes of the wearer, in any language to display any 22 characters within the message. In the details of the poetic Christophe Claret Grizzly when the mechanical art perfect, Marguerite watch with a double barrel and has 72 hours power reserve automatic winding movement. Through the sapphire crystal case back can appreciate the movement inlaid eight rubies, carved into a daisy balance wheel. The table is free to indulge in the 'he loves me, he does not love me' game, the game is 'petals divination' in English, is the medieval version of the ladies. When playing, watch must be placed in the standard position, the table must be gently shake the watch one to two, so that the balance wheel after a few seconds of rotation, the ruby ​​closest to the heart will display the answer ─ ─ center will show 'yes' or 'no'. Marguerite5N red gold case, watch diameter 42.5 mm, a total of 609 diamonds inlaid: bezel set with 312, 6 o'clock position ear mosaic 34, 12 o'clock position coach purses outlet

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coach handbags outlet ear mosaic of 42 and 221 inlaid petals, Two butterflies flying around the dial display, dual display dial: time or 'Il m'aime passionn eacute; ment' (he warmly loves me), to convert the display, press the 2 o'clock position of the button, the Transparent metal sapphire mosaic square transparent mosaic box cover turning 1.5 deg, to cover the fixed black pearl white mother of pearl shell bottom; through the back of the table can see the combination of 'He loves me, he does not love me' The game's automatic winding pendulum, when the pendulum to stop winding, the closest Ruby will display the answer (center will show 'yes' or 'no'); MT115 self-winding movement, power reserve 72 hours. Christophe Claret The focus of attention is on the delicate daisies. The center of the circular forging surface modification and diamond polishing elements will be perfectly hidden ball bearings, and the petals on the crown with a concave pattern and the strap used to fix the flower shaped screw echo each other. coach factory outlet