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I am not a Web Designers, I am a Solution Provider. I create cost effective Business Solutions based on a website.

Most Web Designers build pretty little sites that just sits there doing nothing year after year! Websites like this are less than worthless. They actually cost a business much more in lost revenues than they cost to build and maintain in the first place. Even a website that pays for it self is a losing proposition.

What Is A Successful Website

We must define a successful website based on ROI. The only criteria that matters for a business is ROI. Even a website with a moderate ROI should not be considered a ‘complete’ success if it’s level of effectiveness is in question.

Every website should be thoroughly analyzed and optimized to ensure maximum effectiveness and a high ROI. Anything less is almost certainly leaving money on the table and that is no way to run a business. If a website is not providing a high ROI something should be done about it one way or the other.

Fixing an unsuccessful website is far more work than creating a successful one. And more often than not, the reason a website is unsuccessful goes all the way back to it’s very beginning. Trying to fix a website is almost always more costly that starting from scratch.

Building A Successful Website!

Here is how I do it…

  • Understand your industry
  • Then analyze your business and your competition. Find out what works and what does not work for your industry and how this applies to your business.
  • Do a detailed keyword analysis and create a list of keyword phrases based on what is working for your industry. We must target the right keyword phrases for your business based upon where how it fits into your industry.
  • Use real world data directly from Google. As the business owner you can not assume you know the best keyword phrases. Only Google and your target market know what keyword phrases are best! Do not make this mistake.
  • Use your keyword list as an outline for the structure of your site navigation, your site categories, your URLs, directory structures, file names and sub-domains.
  • Keyword lists are never finished! Keep working on it with future Search Engine Optimization efforts in mind.
    With the foundation in place it’s time to start working on site ascetics and useability.
  • Be sure to Incorporate the latest analytics and Split Testing technology into the site from the beginning. Do not add these functions after the fact.
  • Use only LAMP based technology (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) to create a flexible and scalable website. Do not use proprietary technology of any kind. i.e. No Adobe Flash, Microsoft .NET technology – Unless of coarse you are already in bed with Microsoft. Shame on you!
  • Of coarse every one of these steps is a subject fit for an entire book of it’s own.
    Life Span Of A Successful Website
  • Also keep in mind that a website needs to successful now as well as long into the future. That means another IT professional with an understanding of LAMP technology should be able to gracefully pick up where we leave off and carry the torch forward into the future.

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